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JetAudio Plus Final [updated 12 17 2018] [2022-Latest]




JetAudio Plus Final [updated 12 17 2018] TOP from Blog do JCR by Ravi Mantis. Official website: Version History: JetAudio Beta: (12/14/2018): - Improved HWFS and RTP support - Can share to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - Can export to HTML5 - Updated Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese Language Packs Beta: (12/3/2018): - Added German Language Pack - Updated Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and English Language Packs - Added new Power Manager in "Tools->Power Manager" (11/14/2018): - Updated Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, and English Language Packs - Improved MKV support - Added auto-merge behavior for MKV files - Improved PCM auto gain control - Added 1280x720 and 960x720 pixel modes in v3 HWFS - Added 7.1 surround mode in v3 HWFS - Added better handling of MKV files - Added support for 30Hz display - Added subtitle support in HWFS and RTP streams - Added polish language pack - Added fxcav subtitle encoding option in Tools - Added subtitles option for HD video files in Tools - Added audio volume control when using multimon controls - Added alternate menu view in Tools and Preferences - Added Japanese, Polish, and Russian Language Packs - Improved multimon's subtitle handling - Added more subtitle language modes - Added Rot-FLY option for v3 HWFS - Added a smoother display for Qt5 - Improved speaker selection in Preferences - Improved DV content support - Fixed a crash in v3 HWFS - Fixed subtitles in HWFS - Fixed menumodes in HWFS - Fixed MKV support - Fixed my m2u playlists in Mult



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JetAudio Plus Final [updated 12 17 2018] [2022-Latest]
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